Project Name:


The Habitat Compensation Island project was awarded to NMDC as a variation to the New Mussaffah Industrial (MIC) Project, on a design and build basis. This island was built primarily to compensate the losses incurred by the habitats residing within the limits of the new channel. 


- Reclamation of the island.
- Ground leveling works.
- Plantation of 350,000 mangrove seedlings.
- Construction of offshore breakwaters (7 nos).
- Construction of rock causeways (2 nos).
- Construction of underwater breakwaters (2 nos).
- Rock revetment works.

Key Statistics for the project

- Reclamation of dredged material = 3,500,000 m3.
- Rock Works = 310,000 m3.
- Mangrove Trees = 350,000 nos.


- The first challenge for this island was the design, as the island is located offshore Abu Dhabi’s coast line and had to be built with stability to suit a mangrove plantation work.
- The logistics was a challenge as the island is in close proximity to the edge of the busy New Mussaffah Industrial Channel, and required close and precise coordination with the port control of MIC.
- Securing the material from quarries and delivering it using rock barges was another logistical challenge in the project.

Project Details

Client urban Planning Council
Location Abu Dhabi , U.A.E
Period 2009 – 2011
Contract Prime Contractor